About Us

We can help your customers look and feel their best. Enjoy access to a full selection of Health and Beauty Care and general merchandise. With a selection of items that are high in quality and great in value, it is sure to be a benefit that your customers will enjoy, and your store will ring up a higher average basket total.

Our business was founded on providing the right assortment of grocery items to independent storeowners, from small bodegas, delis and convenience stores to large supermarkets- we can handle all of your grocery needs.

Today, we carry 12,000+ SKUs of grocery items, specializing in traditional, international, branded, private label and even specialty and organic products to span across all the aisles of your store. No matter the size of your order or store we can get it delivered. No loading dock, no problem. We are experts at delivering groceries to New York City retailers and beyond.

With over 8,000 SKUs available, we offer a full assortment of Dairy and Frozen items to stock your shelves with your shopper’s favorite cold foods. State-of-the-art distribution centers keep your coldest products fresher longer. We can strategically deliver your frozen/dairy order with your grocery order to your store to ensure the maximum level of quality.

As the overwhelming demand for specialty products continues to grow at the local grocery store, we offer a variety to help meet changing customer needs. In addition to traditional grocery offerings, we also offer our customers roughly 10,000 organic, gluten-free, specialty and gourmet items for delivery.