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Distribution is one of the most important aspects of marketing. To distribute means to make something available to those who need it. In food marketing, grocery food distributors are responsible for making food items available for those who need them. This includes grocery stores and supermarkets, restaurants, as well as, other places.

Grocery food distributors work in chains with different people. From the manufacturer to the final producer, some people come in to handle these food items. Some food items leave the manufacturer and go to those who will specially divide and package them; this happens in the meat industry.

One of the important divisions of Grocery food distribution is Grocery food wholesale distributors. These are the people in the food chain that come immediately after the manufacturer. Their primary responsibility is to buy from the manufacturers and transport or store them at places where they can be easily assessed.

Some grocery food distributors are listed below:

Cheney Brothers: Cheney Brothers is one of the biggest food distributors in the world. If you must be a big distributor in the world, the charity must start at home. Cheney brothers are also a large distributor in the United States. They majorly focus their services on the Southeastern part of the United States. They are owned by a family. They are broadline distributors.

They have their headquarters in Florida and they deliver their products nationwide. Some of their products include brands like Deli and Kraft foods. They are open to the public and can carry frozen foods, refrigerated foods, as well as, dry products. They offer delivery services alongside their slew of services. The company was founded as far back as 1925.

ABC Bakery Supply: If you are looking for whom to supply your grocery products from bakeries, ABC Bakers’ supply should be one of your options. A.B.C. Bakery Supply has become one of the biggest wholesale distributors of bakery supplies in America. Their head office is located in Miami, Florida. They have a track record of over forty years of operation.

Affiliated foods Inc: Founded in 1968, they are one of the biggest grocery wholesalers in the United States. They distribute food items like bread, buns, meat, dairy, tea, drinks, etc.

C&S Wholesale Grocers: These are wholesale distributors. They distribute food and grocery items. Their headquarters is located in New Hampshire, United States. They deliver meat, dairy, fresh and frozen foods, tobacco, etc.

They have about 17,000 associates and partners who are scattered all over 16 states of the US. They have a large storage space in their warehouses to store exorbitant amounts of products.

Most companies have manufacturing plants that are far away from residential areas. Due to proximity, grocery food wholesale distributors go to these locations and bring the food items to the town and store them in their warehouses.

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