Largest Grocery Distributors

The largest grocery distributors refer to those distributors that have grown their reach over time. If they are the largest grocery distributors in a local area, then they have mastered the distribution channel in the area and distribute to more stores that the other distributors in the local area.

If it is in a state or region, then the same logic applies. They distribute to the largest number of stores more than any other distributor in the region.  There are some ways a particular distributor can become the largest distributor in a particular location.

Some of them are included below:

When a grocery distribution company buys another grocery distributor’s business or company, they can expand their reach. If the distributor that was bought is a major competitor, they will not only inherit the equipment, but they also inherit the market, making them bigger than the rest.

Buying up a competing business is one of the ways that a grocery distributor can become larger than others. Other ways include careful and innovative business growth.

Some large grocery distributors are:

Sysco Corp: Sysco is a multinational company located in the United States. They are into the marketing and distribution of a wide variety of items, including food and grocery products. They have more than 600,000 clients with 330 large distribution stations around the world. 

They deliver a host of items that range from food and beverages, kitchen utensils, educational items, and all other items you can think of. Apart from being the largest food distributor in the USA, they are also the world’s largest food distributors.

Gordon Food Service: These are food and grocery distributors based in Michigan. Gordon Food Service is now the largest private food distributing company still held and managed by a family line that is located in North America.

Gordon Food Service distributes a large amount of different food and grocery products to many food services companies across industries. These include restaurants, healthcare, education, and others.

They have 14 distribution centers located in the United States. They also have a truck delivery service that caters to more than 100,000 customers spread across independent care facilities, hospitals, universities, and restaurant chains.

Maine Food and Party Warehouse: This is a supply chain for food professionals and stores. They have five locations in New York and Pennsylvania and have been in business for more than 90 years.

Food Services of America: A private company and a family-owned foodservice distributor. They have their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. They provide a range of food distribution services. Some of their popular brands include Columbia Valley Farms and Heartland Baking Company.

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